With our combined experience working in different pipeline projects, DASH7 has engineered and managed more than 1000km of pipeline in both shallow water and deep water environment since its inception.  

In a typical riser and pipeline design project, the following are typical engineering activities we offer to support our client in any subsea development.


Engineering services offered by DASH7 within the pipeline design discipline are:

  • Pipeline Sizing and Wall Thickness Optimisation.

  • Pipeline Route Selection and Optimisation.

  • Stability Analysis and Weight Coat Design.

  • Bottom Roughness Assessment.

  • Free Spanning Analysis.

  • Pipeline Installation Assessment.

  • Material Selection And Specifications. 

  • Landfall Design.

  • Tie-In Design (Risers And Subsea Facilities).

  • Global Buckling Design.

  • Pipe Soil Interaction Analysis.

  • Pipeline Cathodic Protection Design.

  • Rigid Riser System - Caisson Riser, Retrofir Riser & Hybrid Riser.